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Guidelines on Writing Computer Science Book Reviews

Post date: 23 Nov 2016 07:21:05
Author: Guest Contributor

Writing book reviews about computer science texts is really no different than writing a review for any other book genre. Obviously, you will need to cater to the audience that would feel the need to read your review. This means that you will need to be quite knowledgeable about computer science lingo, and the topics associated therein.

Ensuring that your reviews incorporate significant scientific interest will help advance the goals outlined in the books you review. Make sure that you write with clarity and originality. Explore the basic concepts while providing an overview for your readers. The idea is to create a review that leaves readers wanting to ingest the books themselves.


Removed - Algorithms, 4th Edition

Post date: 09 May 2016 02:22:15
Author: Site Admin

I’ve removed Algorithms, 4th Edition from my list. Thanks to B.B. who pointed it out to me that the book’s website only contains excerpts of the book, not the whole content.

If you stumble upon similar situation on other books posted in FreeTechBooks, please let me know.

Your Admin


Welcome to the New FreeTechBooks!

Post date: 17 Apr 2016 06:17:34
Author: Site Admin

Starting from March 28th, 2016, FreeTechBooks finally has a proper online book database. Plus now it has a modern-looking¬†mobile-friendly design. Which means this post is almost 3 weeks late…

(scroll to the end of the post to read the tl;dr; version)

Ye Olde FreeTechBooks

The old website was built in a hurry back in 2004. It was created around a phpBB¬†2.0 engine, as I wasn’t very confident in writing my own PHP-MySQL-based website back then. As phpBB engine was meant for a forum website, it doesn’t have a proper structure to support a database of free online books, at least not with some rather heavy modifications. But somehow, it served the purpose well, and I’ve been stuck with laziness and complacency to do any significant improvements since then.



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