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Data Conversion Handbook
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Data Conversion Handbook

Author(s) : Engineering Staff, Analog Devices Inc.
ISBN : 0750678410
Pages : 976
Publication Date : 2005
Publisher : Newness

Book Excerpts:

This comprehensive handbook is a one-stop engineering reference. Covering data converter fundamentals, techniques, applications, and beginning with the basic theoretical elements necessary for a complete understanding of data converters, this reference covers all the latest advances in the field.

This text describes in depth the theory behind and the practical design of data conversion circuits as well as describing the different architectures used in A/D and D/A converters. Details are provided on the design of high-speed ADCs, high accuracy DACs and ADCs, and sample-and-hold amplifiers. Also, this reference covers voltage sources and current reference, noise-shaping coding, and sigma-delta converters, and much more. The books 900-plus pages are packed with design information and application circuits, including guidelines on selecting the most suitable converters for particular applications.

The reader will find the very latest information on:

- Data converter fundamentals, such as key specifications, noise, sampling, and testing
- Architectures and processes, including SAR, flash, pipelined, folding, and more
- Practical hardware design techniques for mixed-signal systems, such as driving ADCs, buffering DAC outputs, sampling clocks, layout, interfacing, support circuits, and tools.
- Data converter applications dealing with precision measurement, data acquisition, audio, display, DDS, software radio and many more.


Smile "This book will be a valuable addition to the library of the student, the practicing circuit design engineer and technician, and anyone else who needs a good practical grasp of what is needed for a successful marriage between the analog and digital worlds."

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