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No new posts A Short Introduction to Queueing Theory
This document covers the most important queueing systems with a single service center. Only some basics are mentioned for queueing networks.

No new posts Applied Stochastic Processes and Control for Jump-Diffusions
A self-contained, practical, entry level text on stochastic processes and control for jump-diffusions in continuous time, technically Markov processes in continuous time.

No new posts Call Center Mathematics - A scientific method for understanding and improving contact centers
This book explains all generic aspects of call and contact centers, from the basic Erlang formula to advanced topics such as skill-based routing and multi-channel environments.

No new posts Discrete-event Control of Stochastic Networks: Multimodularity and Regularity
This book is a counterpart of convex optimization in the setting of discrete optimization. The theory developed is applied to the control of stochastic discrete-event dynamic systems. Some applications are admission, routing, and service allocation.

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No new posts Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability
This book describes the modern theory of general state space Markov chains, and the application of that theory to operations research, time series analysis, and systems and control theory.

No new posts Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation
This book evolves around the expected complexity of random variate generation algorithms. It sets up an idealized computational model, introduces the notion of uniformly bounded expected complexity, and studies bounds for computational complexity.

No new posts Optimization of Business Processes: An Introduction to Applied Stochastic Modeling
These lecture notes pay attention to all aspects of the modeling process, while giving a central place to the business problem. Intended for students and professionals with some background in probability theory and mathematical methods of OR/MS.

No new posts Probabilistic Design
This document explores advanced quantitative methodologies for the design of mass-produced products in an environment where time-to-market and quality are critical.

No new posts Queueing Theory
Discusses a number of elementary queueing models. Attention is paid to methods for the analysis of these models, and also to applications of queueing models, restricted to models with one queue.

No new posts Reversibility and Stochastic Networks
Examines the behavior in equilibrium of vector stochastic processes or stochastic networks, considering a wide range of applications by discussing stochastic models that arise in fields such as operational research, biology, and polymer science.

No new posts Stochastic Calculus and Stochastic Filtering
Provides a very informal introduction to Stochastic Calculus, and especially to the Ito integral and some of its applications.

No new posts Teletraffic Engineering Handbook
This handbook covers the basic theory of teletraffic engineering, to enable engineers to understand ITU–T recommendations on traffic engineering, evaluate tools and methods, and keep up-to-date with new practices.

No new posts Urban Operations Research - Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods
This book deals with the allocation or deployment of the resources of urban service systems, including personnel, equipment, and various service-improving technologies.