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Functional Programming
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No new posts A Functional Pattern System for Object-Oriented Design
Promotes the idea that concepts from the world of functional programming can be captured with design pattern descriptions. These can then be used to benefit from functional programming concepts with ordinary object-oriented languages.

No new posts A Gentle Introduction to Haskell
An introduction to Haskell, a general purpose, purely functional programming language incorporating many recent innovations in programming language design.

No new posts Applicative Programming and Specification
Addresses the issues of combining the virtues of functional programming with the virtues of imperative programming. Uses both Standard ML and Extended ML language for the implementation.

No new posts Computational Semantics and Type Theory
Covers applications of logic in the semantic analysis of language, specified in a functional programming (Haskell) framework.

No new posts Developing Applications With Objective Caml
A comprehensive book on Objective Caml, covering not only the core language, but also modules, objects and classes, threads and systems programming, and interoperability with C.

No new posts Implementing functional languages: a tutorial
A practical approach to understanding implementations of non-strict functional languages using lazy graph reduction.

No new posts Introduction to Functional Programming
Shows the transition from imperative programming to functional programming. Introduces lambda calculus, how to add types to it, and how to use ML to implement basic functional programming, polymorphism, exceptions and imperative features.

No new posts Introduction to Objective Caml
This book presents a practical introduction and guide to Objective Caml, with topics ranging from how to write a program to the concepts and conventions that affect how programs are developed in Objective Caml.

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No new posts Practical Foundations for Programming Languages
A working draft of a book on the foundations of programming languages. Emphasizes on the concept of type structure that governs programming languages syntax and semantics.

No new posts Programming in Martin-Löf's Type Theory: An Introduction
An introduction to type theory as a theory for program construction. Describes different type theories (theories of types, polymorphic and monomorphic sets, and subsets) from a computing science perspective.

No new posts Programming in Standard ML
This book is an introduction to programming with the Standard ML, a formally defined programming language.

No new posts Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation
This textbook shows students where programming languages come from, why they should regard languages as the ultimate form of abstraction, how to recognize such an evolving abstraction, and how to turn what they recognize into a language.

No new posts Real World Haskell
This book shows the readers how to use functional programming and Haskell to solve realistic problems. This is a hands-on book: every chapter contains dozens of code samples, and many contain complete applications.

No new posts The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages
Describes how to translate a high-level functional language into an intermediate language, called the lambda calculus, and its implementation using lazy graph reduction.

No new posts Type Systems for Programming Languages
These lecture notes provides a unified account of the role of type theory in programming language design and implementation. The stress is on the use of types as a tool for analyzing programming language features and studying their implementation.

No new posts Type Theory and Functional Programming
This book gives the formal system for type theory, developing examples of both programs and proofs. From the functional programming point of view, this book stresses the differences between the system and more traditional languages.

No new posts Using, Understanding, and Unraveling The OCaml Language
These course notes provide a formal description of the operational semantics (evaluation) and statics semantics (type checking) of core ML and of several extensions, including its object-oriented layer.