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Object Oriented Programming
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No new posts Adaptive Object-Oriented Software: The Demeter Method with Propagation Patterns
Presents a complete methodology for adaptive programming in any object-oriented language.

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No new posts Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design
Helps readers build OO design skills through the creation of a moderately complex family of application programs using either the Java or Python programming languages.

No new posts Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
Introduces object-orientation as a new programming concept which should help the reader in developing high quality software.

No new posts Java Au Naturel - Guide to Object Oriented Design, 4th Edition
Teaches object-oriented with Java from the beginning, covering conditionals and loops quite early. The emphasis is on software engineering, not on language details. Contains loads of exercises.

No new posts Java: An Object First Approach
A thorough introduction to the production of software artefacts, a process known as software development, using Java programming language.

No new posts Learning Object Oriented Programming with Delphi
Teaches object orientation using Borland Delphi. Assumes familiarity with the concepts of structured programming and concentrates on principles that apply specifically to OO programming.

No new posts Object Oriented Analysis and Design - Course Notes
Provides students with a simple, clear, analysis and design notation, a good basic understanding of the concepts of object oriented systems, a method for construction of analyses and designs and some discussion of the implementation of design.

No new posts Object Oriented Software in Ada 95, Second Edition
Designed for students and programmers who wish to learn object-oriented programming using the language Ada 95. Uses numerous examples to illustrate the ideas of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.

No new posts Object-Oriented Programming And The Objective-C Language
Fully documents the Objective-C, an object-oriented programming language based on standard C, and introduces OpenStep, an extensive object-oriented development environment.

No new posts Object-Oriented Software Composition
Presents the results of a series of research projects related to object-oriented software composition that were carried out within the Object Systems Group at the University of Geneva.

No new posts Object-Oriented System Development
Written for professionals involved in the development of medium, large, and distributed systems. Consists of instructions on how to put key object-oriented concepts to work in software construction.

No new posts Objective-C 2.0 Essentials
Contains 34 chapters of detailed information intended to provide everything necessary to gain proficiency as an Objective-C programmer for both Mac OS X and iPhone development.

No new posts Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture
This book shows how a consistent set of object-oriented abstractions can be applied throughout the entire software construction process, based on three major ideas: seamlessness, reversibility, and contracting.