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No new posts Beginning Perl
Covers installation how-to, core language elements (regular expressions, references, modules, and the like), and on to basic applied techniques. Also covers how to access and work with databases and write CGI scripts to generate web pages.

No new posts CGI Programming 101
A concise presentation of the key elements of Perl CGI. The book shows you how to write useful, real-world web programs, starting with simple guestbook forms and building up to more advanced applications.

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No new posts CGI Programming on the World Wide Web
Focuses on the workings of the CGI specification down to the tiniest detail.

No new posts Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason
This book shows the readers how to create large, complex, dynamically driven web sites that look good and are a snap to maintain using Perl and Mason.

No new posts Higher-Order Perl - Transforming Programs With Programs
Introduces powerful programming methods -- new to most Perl programmers -- and shows how to improve everyday programs. Also includes numerous engaging code examples to illustrate the methods.

No new posts Perl 5 by Example
Teaches you how to use the Perl programming language, designed to serve a broad range of readers from novice to advanced.

No new posts Picking Up Perl, 2nd Edition
A tutorial book for the Perl language, preferred for anyone with a knowledge equivalent to a first-year of college computer science courses.

No new posts Practical mod_perl
An extensive guide to the nuts and bolts of the powerful combination of Apache and mod_perl, from writing and debugging scripts to keeping your server running without failures.

No new posts Practical Perl Programming
A compilation of course notes for the students at Cardiff University, spans from introductory to advanced application.

No new posts The Perl Reference Guide / Perl 5 Pocket Reference
A typeset quick reference guide to Perl version 5.004. Contains a concise description of all Perl 5 statements, functions, variables and lots of other useful information.

No new posts Web Client Programming with Perl
Teaches the basics of how browsers communicate with servers and how to write your own customized Web clients to automate common tasks.