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Compiler Design and Construction
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No new posts A Compact Guide to Lex & Yacc
Explains how to construct a compiler using lex and yacc, the tools used to generate lexical analyzers and parsers.

No new posts Advanced Programming Language Design
Examines a wide range of programming language paradigms and issues. Challenges and encourages readers to launch into their own research in the field.

No new posts Basics of Compiler Design
Conveys the general picture of compiler design without going into extreme detail. Gives the students an understanding of how compilers work and the ability to make simple (but not simplistic) compilers for simple languages.

No new posts Bison Online Manual
The online manual of Bison, a general-purpose parser generator that converts a grammar description for an LALR context-free grammar into a C program to parse that grammar.

No new posts Blunt Axe Basic: Let's Build a Scripting Engine-Compiler
This book is presented as a programming tutorial, to develop and construct a Console Mode Scripting Engine and Byte Code Compiler for Bxbasic dialect, a subset of the GW-Basic and QBasic programming languages. Complete source code is also available.

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No new posts Compiler Construction
A concise, practical guide to modern compiler design and construction by the author of Pascal and Oberon. Readers are taken step-by-step through each stage of compiler design, using the simple yet powerful method of recursive descent to create a compiler.

No new posts Compiler Construction
This text demonstrates how a compiler is built and describes the necessary tools and how to create and use them.

No new posts Compiler Construction using Flex and Bison
A guide to compiler construction using compiler's compiler tools like Flex and Bison. Using both tools, you can focus on the concept of compiler without the hassle of building a compiler from scratch.

No new posts Compilers and Compiler Generators: an introduction with C++
Combines theory, practical applications and the use of compiler writing tools to give students a solid introduction to the subject of programming language translation.

No new posts Flex Online Manual
The online manual for Flex, a fast lexical analyser generator, generating programs that perform pattern-matching on text.

No new posts Languages And Machines
Provides a view to the concept of a language as a system of strings of characters strings obeying certain rules. Topics covered includes logic, meta languages, proofs, finite state machine, Turing machine, encryption and coding.

No new posts Let's Build a Compiler
A fifteen-part tutorial series, written from 1988 to 1995, on the theory and practice of developing language parsers and compilers from scratch.

No new posts Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide
A clear, accessible, and thorough discussion of many different parsing techniques with their interrelations and applicabilities, including error recovery techniques.

No new posts Partial Evaluation and Automatic Program Generation
This book is about partial evaluation, a program optimization technique also known as program specialization. It presents general principles for constructing partial evaluators for a variety of programming languages, with examples of applications.

No new posts Programming Languages
An introduction to the study of programming languages that evolved from lecture notes used in a programming languages course for students at Johns Hopkins University.

No new posts The Gentle Compiler Construction System
Presents Gentle, an integrated system for compiler writers that supports the description of compilers at a very high level and relieves users from the need to deal with implementation details.

No new posts Tree Automata Techniques and Applications
Presents the basics of tree automata and its variants. This book focuses on finite tree automata and its operational aspects.

No new posts Understanding Programming Languages
Covers comparative analysis of language constructs and their implementation techniques. Compares Ada 95 and C++ in detail, including the constructs for object-oriented programming. Also includes functional and logic programming languages (ML and Prolog).

No new posts Warren's Abstract Machine: A Tutorial Reconstruction
A short tutorial on Warren's Abstract Machine, the de facto standard for implementing Prolog compilers.

No new posts [URL's no longer available] Compilers: Backend to Frontend and Back to Front Again
This document shows how to build a simple compiler for a simple language in a step-by-step fashion. The final language is almost Scheme.