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Let's Build a Compiler
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Let's Build a Compiler

Author(s) : Jack Crenshaw
Publication date : 1988

Book excerpts:

After years of digesting the content of virtually every book written on compiler theory, Jack Crenshaw finally concluded that compiler texts are written for Computer Science majors, and are a bit tough for other people. So he decided to branch off on his own and shared the things he had learned.

This fifteen-part series, written from 1988 to 1995, is a tutorial on the theory and practice of developing language parsers and compilers from scratch. Before you are finished, you will have covered every aspect of compiler construction, designed a new programming language, and built a working compiler.

At the end of this series you will by no means be a computer scientist, nor will you know all the esoterics of compiler theory. The author intended to completely ignore the more theoretical aspects of the subject. What you will know is all the practical aspects that one needs to know to build a working system.

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