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Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions, 2nd Edition
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Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions, 2nd Edition

Author : Robert J. Vanderbei, Associated Faculty Member of Mathematics, Computer Science, Princeton University
ISBN : 0792373421
Pages : 472
Publication Date : May 2001
Publisher : Springer

Terms and Conditions:

Robert J. Vanderbei wrote:
NOTE: This pdf file is password protected against printing. Permission is not granted to print this document --- it is for online viewing only. Any attempt to print this pdf file is a violation of copyright law.

Book Excerpts:

Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions is an introduction to the field of optimization. The book emphasizes constrained optimization, beginning with a substantial treatment of linear programming, and proceeding to convex analysis, network flows, integer programming, quadratic programming, and convex optimization.

The book is carefully written. Specific examples and concrete algorithms precede more abstract topics. Topics are clearly developed with a large number of numerical examples worked out in detail.

Moreover, Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions underscores the purpose of optimization: to solve practical problems on a computer. Accordingly, the book is coordinated with free efficient C programs that implement the major algorithms studied :

- The two-phase simplex method;
- The primal-dual simplex method;
- The path-following interior-point method;
- The homogeneous self-dual methods.

In addition, there are online JAVA applets that illustrate various pivot rules and variants of the simplex method, both for linear programming and for network flows. These C programs and JAVA tools can be found on the book's webpage. Also, check the book's webpage for new online instructional tools and exercises that have been added in the new edition.


Bob Daniel, Operational Research

Smile "The worked examples are excellent and very much to be welcomed. Resorting to clear examples to demonstrate the theory is usually deprecated - here it is done to great effect."

Robert M. Freund, Optima

Smile "Overall, I greatly enjoyed reviewing this book, and I highly recommend the book as a textbook for an advanced undergraduate or master's level course in linear programming, particularly for courses in an engineering environment. In addition, the book also is a good reference book for interior point methods as well as for implementation and computational aspects of linear programming. This is an excellent new book."

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2nd Edition is unavailable online:

At the publisher's request, the online version is currently unavailable.
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The second edition is still available online
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The second edition is still available at the same website:
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