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Object-Oriented Programming And The Objective-C Language
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Object-Oriented Programming And The Objective-C Language

Author(s) : Don Larkin and Greg Wilson
Publication Date : 1996
Publisher : NeXT Software, Inc (ed note: purchased in 1996 by Apple Computer)

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Book excerpts:

Object-oriented programming, like most interesting new developments, builds on some old ideas, extends them, and puts them together in novel ways. The result is many-faceted and a clear step forward for the art of programming. An object- oriented approach makes programs more intuitive to design, faster to develop, more amenable to modifications, and easier to understand. It leads not only to new ways of constructing programs, but also to new ways of conceiving the programming task.

Nevertheless, object-oriented programming presents some formidable obstacles to those who would like to understand what it's all about or begin trying it out. It introduces a new way of doing things that may seem strange at first, and it comes with an extensive terminology that can take some getting used to. The terminology will help in the end, but it's not always easy to learn. Moreover, there are as yet few full-fledged object-oriented development environments available to try out. It can be difficult to get started.

That's where this book comes in. It's designed to help the reader become familiar with object-oriented programming and get over the hurdle its terminology presents. It spells out some of the implications of object-oriented design and tries to give the reader a flavor of what writing an object-oriented program is really like. It fully documents the Objective-C language, an object-oriented programming language based on standard C, and introduces the most extensive object-oriented development environment currently available -- OpenStep.

Intended Audience:

Because this isn't a book about C, it assumes some prior acquaintance with that language. However, it doesn't have to be an extensive acquaintance. Object-oriented programming in Objective-C is sufficiently different from procedural programming in standard C that the reader won't be hampered if he/she is not an experienced C programmer.

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