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Programmer's Heaven C# School Book
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Programmer's Heaven C# School Book

Author : Faraz Rasheed
Publisher : Synchron Data
Publication Date : 2006

Terms and Conditions:

Synchron Data S.L wrote:
Electronic redistribution of this book is permitted if the book is transmitted unmodified, in its entirety and non-commercially. All other redistribution and copying beyond that allowed by fair use is prohibited without written permission from Synchron Data S.L.

Excerpts from the Introduction:

The book is divided in to three progressive levels. In the first beginner stage we will be discussing the .Net Framework, C# Language Fundamentals and Object Oriented Programming.

In the second intermediate section we will go into depth with Object Oriented constructs such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, structures, enumerations and exceptions.

In the third and final advanced section we will delve into what is required to implement real world applications using C# with Base Libraries, focusing on topics such as Collections, Delegates, Events and Windows Programming with a number of controls, as well as Data Access with ADO.Net, Threads and Streams.

Tools of the trade

Our examples have been written within the standard IDE (Visual Studio.Net). We recommend that you obtain this. Microsoft are currently offering Visual Studio.Net 2005 Express Edition for free, and this is available at . An alternative open source IDE, SharpDevelop, is available from . It is also possible to use any text editor (such as Notepad) to write the C# code.

You will need to download and install the .Net Framework SDK, which can be obtained freely from . This is needed to run .NET applications and, more importantly for us, contains the C# Compiler that you will need to compile programs you write.

Finally, for non-Windows users, the Mono Project supplies an open source C# compiler, .Net runtime and class library implementation. For more information, see .

The code examples in this book were written and tested with the .Net Framework version 1.1 and Visual Studio 2003, but should work fine with later versions. They have not been tested with Mono.

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