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Programming The Z80
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Programming The Z80 Third Edition

Author : Rodnay Zaks
ISBN : 0-89588-094-6
Publisher : Sybex
Publication Date : 1981

From the Preface:

Rodnay Zaks wrote:
This book has been designed as a complete self-contained text for learning programming, using the Z80. It can be used by a person who has never programmed before, and should be of value to anyone using the Z80.

For the person who has already programmed, this book will teach specific programming techniques using (or working around) the specific characteristics of the Z80. This text covers the elementary to intermediate techniques required to start programming effectively.

This text aims at providing a true level of competence to the person who wishes to program using this microprocessor. Naturally, no book will effectively teach how to program, unless one actually practices. However, it is hoped that this book will take the reader to the point where he feels that he can start programming by himself and can solve simple or even moderately complex problems using a microcomputer.

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