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Python Standard Library
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The Standard Python Library

Author(s): Fredrik Lundh
Publication date: May 2001
ISBN: 0596000960
Pages: 300
Publisher: O'Reilly

Book excerpts:

This book a large collection of potentialy useful Python scripts, the result of hundreds of hours of answering questions on the comp.lang.python newsgroup since 1995.

What you'll find in this book are the best parts from over 3,000 newsgroup messages. You'll also find hundreds of new scripts added to make sure every little nook and cranny of the standard library has been fully covered.

This book covers the entire standard library, except the (optional) Tkinter user interface library.

Unless otherwise noted, all examples run under Python 1.5.2 and Python 2.0. The author have tried not to depend on internal details, and it is expected that most scripts will work with upcoming 2.x versions as well. The examples have been tested on Windows, Solaris, and Linux. Except for a few scripts that depend on platform specific modules, the examples should work right out of the box on most other platforms as well.


Smile "This is a nice supplemental text for the Standard Library documentation."

Smile "If you are learning Python, a beginner to intermediate Python programmer, you'll want to get a copy of this book."

Sad "The author knows Python, but the book itself is not worth it. It just contains lots of code snippet and little explanation."

Smile "Rather than the dry manual I expected, this book is filled with useful examples. It is comprehensive, with the exception of not covering Tkinter."

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