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The Perl Reference Guide / Perl 5 Pocket Reference
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The Perl Reference Guide / Perl 5 Pocket Reference

Author(s) : Johan Vromans
Publication date : May 2000
ISBN : 0-596-00032-4
Pages : 96
Publisher : O'Reilly & Associates

Book excerpts:

The Perl Reference Guide is a typeset quick reference guide to Larry Wall's Perl program, version 5.004. The guide contains a concise description of all Perl 5 statements, functions, variables and lots of other useful information.

The purpose of the guide is to aid in the use of Perl, to look up the syntax of specific functions, statements and the meaning of built-in variables. It is not a self-contained user guide - basic knowledge of the Perl language is required. It is not complete - some of the more obscure variants of Perl constructs have been left out. But all functions and variables are mentioned in at least one way they can be used.

The Perl 5 Pocket Reference is a booklet based on the The Perl Reference Guide but contains much more information.

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