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Linear Algebra
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No new posts A First Course in Linear Algebra
An introductory textbook of linear algebra. Teaches the fundamental concepts and techniques of matrix algebra and abstract vector spaces.

No new posts An Introduction To Linear Algebra
Mainly features row operations and everything is done in terms of the row reduced echelon form and specific algorithms. Contains a complete treatment of determinants and a simple proof of the Cayley Hamilton theorem.

No new posts An Introduction to Linear Programming and the Simplex Algorithm
Covers LP formulation and the underlying assumptions, graphical solution on 2-var LP's, generalization to the n-var case, Basic Feasible Solutions and the Simplex Algorithm.

No new posts Computational and Algorithmic Linear Algebra and n-Dimensional Geometry
A sophomore level book on linear algebra and n-dimensional geometry with the aim of developing in college entering undergraduates skills in algorithms, computational methods, and mathematical modeling.

No new posts Elementary Linear Algebra
Covers the basic problems of linear algebra: solving linear equations, constructing a basis for a vector space, constructing a matrix which represents a linear transformation, eigenvalue-eigenvector and diagonalization.

No new posts Elementary Linear Algebra
An introduction to linear algebra, based on lectures given by the author at the University of Queensland.

No new posts Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra
A survey of abstract algebra with emphasis on linear algebra, presented in a compact and tightly organized, but still somewhat informal book.

No new posts From Geometry to Algebra - An Introduction to Linear Algebra
Presents basic concepts in linear algebra such as vector spaces, basis, inner-product spaces, and linear transformations. Also shows how abstract concepts can be applied in various problems.

No new posts Fundamentals of Linear Algebra
This book is addressed primarily to second and third year college students who have already had a course in calculus and analytic geometry.

No new posts Grassmann Algebra
Provides a readable account in modern notation of Grassmann's major algebraic contributions to mathematics and science, by avoiding all mathematical terminology which does not make an essential contribution to understanding the basic concepts.

No new posts Introduction to Matrix Algebra
A contemporary, applied approach to linear/matrix algebra, suitable for self study. Uses plenty of examples to illustrate every concept, plus exercises.

No new posts Linear Algebra
Helps students to master the material of a standard undergraduate linear algebra course. The material is standard in that the topics covered are Gaussian reduction, vector spaces, linear maps, determinants, and eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

No new posts Linear Algebra - An Introduction to Linear Algebra for Pre-Calculus Students
Clearly explains the introductory concepts of linear algebra. Provides students with many real-world linear algebra topics to explore. Students with experience in general mathematics, up to and including Algebra I, should be able to comprehend.

No new posts Linear Algebra and Matrices
Lecture notes for the course of Linear Algebra and Matrices at the University of Helsinki. Covers basic studies of linear structures (like the solutions of systems of linear equations).

No new posts Linear Algebra Done Wrong
This book belongs to a first course of linear algebra, introducing a student to rigorous proof, formal definitions -- in short, to the style of modern theoretical (abstract) mathematics.

No new posts Linear Algebra for Informatics
Studies real vector spaces and their linear maps, univariate polynomials, and an introduction to algebraic coding theory, concentrating for definiteness on binary linear codes.

No new posts Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions, 2nd Edition
Focuses largely on constrained optimization. Begins with a substantial treatment of linear programming and proceeds to convex analysis, network flows, integer programming, and convex optimization.

No new posts Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra
A traditional linear algebra book designed to prepare students in mathematics, science, and engineering to deal with a broad range of applications. Begins at an introductory level and progresses to topics more appropriate for a first year graduate course.

No new posts Templates for the Solution of Algebraic Eigenvalue Problems: a Practical Guide
A guide to the numerical solution of eigenvalue problems. This book attempts to present the many available methods in an organized fashion, to make it easier for reader to identify the most promising methods.

No new posts The Matrix Cookbook
Contains a collection of facts (identities, approximations, inequalities, relations) about matrices and matters relating to them. Collected in this form for the convenience of anyone who wants a quick desktop reference.

No new posts Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics - An Interactive Tutorial
A tutorial on vector algebra and matrix algebra from the viewpoint of computer graphics. It covers most vector and matrix topics needed for college-level computer graphics text books.